The hushed, refined atmosphere of this coveted and exclusive neighborhood makes it easy to forget that you are actually next to the bustling city of Orchard Road and only a stone’s throw away from the Central Business District.

Rent or Buy Gorgeous Apartments near Orchard Road in Singapore

Although it is located in close proximity to Singapore’s bustling business district, Bishopsgate enables you all the privacy and tranquillity of a space in the outer suburbs. The central location of these apartments – less than 10 minutes from the financial and business centre of the city– means they are well connected with public amenities on nearby Orchard Road. Quality schools, shops, hospitals, restaurants, green spaces and malls abound in this area and Bishopsgate has the additional advantage of being located in the same prestigious neighbourhood as several embassies.

Ideally situated residential apartments with gardens, a golf course, and embassies nearby

There are few places in Singapore which offer the tranquillity and verdure of the suburbs as well as the convenience of the Central Area in quite the way that Bishopsgate does. There are numerous advantages of living in this area including the iconic Orchard Road, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and embassies.

Minutes from the culture and entertainment of Orchard Road

Our residential apartments are within walking distance to Orchard Road, the retail and entertainment hub of our beautiful city. Although it is a commercial district, the area has undergone substantial redevelopment to become an elegant streetscape with a focus on green spaces.

The embassy district

Choosing Bishopsgate means you are able to rent an apartment near the embassy and high commission district. Numerous embassies are within walking distance of Bishopsgate including that of Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, the United States of America, and UK.

The botanic gardens

The Singapore Botanic gardens is a 156-year-old tropical garden which has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The 82-hectare site houses the National Orchid Garden, a botany centre, a children’s garden, an evolution garden, a rainforest area and a ginger garden. Other green spaces in the area include the Royal Tanglin Golf Course which is located just across the road.

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