31 exquisite units in an esteemed private residential enclave with beautiful surrounds of lush greenery.

Buy or Rent Luxury Apartments at Bishopsgate in Singapore

Bishopsgate is the modern oasis, an elegant housing development promising security and comfort. Surrounded by lush green space this private paradise offers a luxurious, relaxed lifestyle with all the benefits of the urban environment, Bishopsgate is for urbanites who know the true meaning of luxury and comfort. The 31 gorgeous apartments are complemented by high end amenities, exemplary landscaping, and the prestige of the surrounding neighbourhood. Bishopsgate strikes the perfect balance between luxury and modern functionality to offer Singapore residents and expatriates a beautiful lifestyle in close proximity to Singapore’s CBD.

Exquisite residences suited to expatriates and Singapore urbanites alike

The luxury apartments at Bishopsgate offer tenants and owners an astonishing standard of living that extends throughout the entire development. These stunning residences capitalize on the greenery of the surrounding suburbs with low rise designs that reach the tree line. Greenery has also been used extensively within Bishopsgate to evoke a feel of seclusion and tranquillity. The extensive use of plant-life within the development helps underline the uniqueness of the space in busy, urban Singapore. The total effect of Bishopsgate’s interior and exterior design is a feeling of space, privacy and tranquillity.
Choosing to rent a luxury residence at Bishopsgate also provides you with a range of luxurious shared amenities including a pool, pavilion, jacuzzi, function room, gymnasium, children’s play area and a children’s pool. Whether you’re an expatriate looking for a residence in close proximity to the embassies, or a Singaporean wanting to live close to the CBD without the crowding of other developments.
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